Thursday, June 20, 2013

Because We Are Crazy Kids At Heart

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I think that the first post is always the awkward-est, but also the most exciting. I actually have no idea what I want to do with this fashion blog, but I'm hoping that you would like to join me and find out what happens. (Haha I was going to say "join me for the adventure" but then realized how cliche and overused it sounds). The only thing that I can promise is lots of clothes and crazy inspiration (since we are all crazy kids at heart <3). 

Annnyyywwayyyss, onto the actual post. 

So whenever I receive something ordered online in the mail my day is instantly better. The doorbell rings and I go into my"ohmagod the package has arrived" phase. The package. Haha how suspicious does that sound? Anyways, last weekend I had received a pair of sunglasses from Chictopia. I am so excited to show you guys some pictures!  

Thank you guys so much for reading!

If you have any suggestions for new bloggers please let me know :)

Haha sorry ignore this last part.
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